Biotech-Pharma Product and Company Valuation – an introduction

Tuesday 29 October
Melbourne Convention Centre
9.00am - 4.30pm

Valuation is a key factor for any biotech and pharma company. Learn how to calculate and determine the right assumption for any therapeutic product (pre-clinical, clinical or on the market) to structure a suitable licensing deal and understand how to assess a biotech company for financing rounds and M&A.

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The expert

patrik round.png

Dr. Patrik Frei has worked for over 20 years in the field of biotechnology and product valuations, having Novartis Venture Fund as his first client. With over 500 valuations around the world, multiple publications and top-tier clients, Patrik is the leading expert.

Learning methodology

The concept of this course is to provide an introduction to the financial and business aspect of valuation. With a combination of a practical based presentation followed by two case studies (one for a company valuation and one for a product valuation and licensing deal), the participants will be able to learn hand-on, how to do a valuation. The provided Excel model for the product valuation (rNPV) can be used and will be provided as a take-home tool as well. The case studies will be done in groups to also allow networking during the course and provide interactive learning.  

The content:

Valuation in Life Sciences is probably one of the most difficult tasks. What deal terms can you ask for or what should be the equity share to a new investor? These are critical question for most life sciences companies. However, valuation is more than just numbers – its about the assumptions and about understanding the business, so it comes down to the potential of a product or company and the associated risk.  

Participants of the course will:         

  • Get a basic understanding of valuation

  • Learn how to assess a company prior to the valuation

  • Understand the key value drivers for a biotech company valuation

  • Learn concept, tools and techniques for the valuation

  • See what investors are focusing on before investing in a life sciences company

  • Be able to calculate the value of a company in a case study

  • Learn the key components of a therapeutic product valuation

  • Do a case study to value a proposed licensing deal and determine if the terms are acceptable

  • Learn about structuring a deal between a pharma and a biotech company based on up-front, milestone and royalty payments.

Who should attend?

Anybody active in the life sciences industry and involved in fundraising, licensing, technology transfer and business development. Often participants are biotech or pharma executives, investors, technology transfer officers, consultants, business development or pharma executives. Both people with either a pure finance or a scientific background can benefit from this introduction course. 

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BioBasics: Biotech for the non-scientist

BioBasics: Biotech for the Non-Scientist is a one-day, fast-paced course focused on the science driving today's hottest biopharma innovations. Learn how basic biology is translated into novel vaccines and therapeutics that save lives. Taught by an industry expert who knows the technology, products, and companies.

Five takeaways: 

1. Scientific basics needed to better understand the biopharma industry
2. Command of the essential terminology of the industry 
3. Improved ability to communicate with scientists, colleagues and clients
4. Fluency in the fundamental pharmacology of novel therapies 
5. Roadmap of the life science industry sectors  


Biomedical Translation Bridge Program information session

Thursday 31 October
207Melbourne Convention Centre
7.30am - 8.30am

The Biomedical Translation Bridge Program is an initiative of the Australian Government’s Medical Research Future Fund, providing up to $1 million in matching funding to nurture the translation of new therapies, technologies and medical devices through to the proof of concept stage.


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